COVID-19 and Our Communities

As people of faith, we strive to be guided by Jesus in all circumstances. Jesus spent his days protecting the vulnerable and caring for those in need. We encourage parish leadership to gather to discuss appropriate responses to COVID 19. As the situation evolves it is important for us to discern how we might best meet the needs of our communities. Consider:

    1. Who is most vulnerable in your community?
    2. How have responses to the virus created new needs?
    3. Who will feed those who are hungry if shelters, pantries, and schools close?
    4. What resources can our parish offer?

In some situations, the best way to care for others is to distance ourselves. In other circumstances, we may be called upon to come to the aid of those who are in need.

How to Talk With Our Children About COVID-19

In times of uncertainty it is easy to overlook our responsibility to thoughtfully guide children through this time. Our parishes and families can model healthy responses to COVID 19. We should not be afraid to discuss the coronavirus with children. When we are accessible to our children’s questions and fears, we teach them that we are worthy of their trust. It is important for us to be factual, but age appropriate. It is often best for us to filter news reports. As adults, we set the emotional tone, knowing that children are intuitive and can sense anxiety. We can reassure children in our communities that we are doing everything we can to keep them and their community safe. It is also important for us to fold these conversations into normal healthy routines. As Peter Steineke aptly said, “good structure corrals anxiety”.

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