Welcome to our weekly posting of the Midweek Lenten Worship services that would ordinarily been held each Wednesday morning and evening during this Lenten season. Here you will find a copy of the Bulletin to download and read along with video presentations by Pastor Rayl of the Liturgy and the Sermon. We hope you find this helpful, inspirational and a way to continue to feel connected, during these extraordinary and challenging times, to your worshiping, praying and serving community of faith at First St. John Lutheran Church

In this week’s Lenten worship, we will learn how some of Jesus’ disciples wanted special places of honor in his kingdom. They did not remember that we are to live in humility, putting the needs of others ahead of our own needs, just as Jesus did for us. We often think of ourselves first, before we think of the needs of others. Two of Jesus’ disciples do the same, as they make a special request of the Savior. Jesus reminds them that his kingdom is a place of humble service. Before glory comes the cross. We will see that on the cross, Jesus drained the cup of God’s judgement against sin, so that there is nothing left in it for us to drink.


Click Here to View a Copy of the Fourth Wednesday in Lent 2020 Bulletin 


Click on the link below to view the Liturgy for the Fourth Week Lenten worship service. You can download a copy of the bulletin and follow along if you wish. Blessings!

Click on the link below to view the Sermon for the Fourth Week Lenten worship service: To Seek and To Save – The Cup that I Drink”

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