Church Leaders

First St. John Lutheran Church Leaders for 2020.  Please feel free to call
(419) 691-7222 or email at to contact any of the volunteers listed below.

Senior Pastor                                                   

Reverend Jerald Rayl


Toni Wilbarger

Director of Faith Development 


Director of Music   

Annette Slater                                         


Dr. Anthony P. Pattin

Children’s  Choir and J.A.M Music Director

Hand Bell Director    

Cheri Sergent


Esther Bell

Congregational President

Mark Ackerman

Church Treasurer                                               

Lisa Anderson

Finance Committee Chair

Property Management

Andy Hodges

Elder Chair

Mike Winslow

Special Funds Chair                                     

Bill Caldwell

Altar Guild President                                 

Beth Hugueley

Altar Guild Flowers                                    

Cathy Caldwell

Sunday School Superintendent      

Deb Ladd

Women of  ELCA President                            

Sue Ann Rogers